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Once upon a time there were two sisters who loved to bake, and because Dad was a “foodie”, growing up was a lot of fun! He indulged us in pursuing our passion to eat and of course, bake! His indulgence turned into our exciting new business,
sweet time, inc.

Growing up, we spent weekends trying 
new restaurants and of course dessert was always the focal point of the evening. It's amazing that our mom and her family never even ordered dessert until she met our father! 

Sari was convinced she could replicate the yummy dessert she had tried that weekend, so she experimented until the taste was what she envisioned. With a pinch of this and a drop of that, our decadent fudgy brownie was born. 
Shortly after came the yummy 
chocolate chip banana bread, better known as C2B2.
Both of us were very entrepreneurial. Jane had a knack for building, from a “house” she built on the side of our house to an ice cream cart she constructed out of wood. We believe Jane actually created the first original "food truck"...her very own ice cream cart that Sari decorated. Jane, her ice cream cart and her special ice cream sandwich cookies went to all the local festivals and fairs selling out of ice cream sandwiches every weekend. 

Years later, Jane was determined to replicate a long yearned for family toffee recipe. She worked very hard at finding the perfect balance of buttery, chocolaty, lightly salted non sticky goodness. One day, after many attempts to perfect her toffee...Eureka, she hit on the perfect batch!

We knew we were on to something...

But let’s not forget about the buttery melt in your mouth cookies. An old neighbor of ours used to make this Christmas cookie. When our parents went to their home for their annual adult party, they were always sent home with a plate of these delicious cookies for the kids! Jane was intent on re-creating this intense buttery flavor but wanted to develop her own version. We think she succeeded! 

This nut free, intensely buttery, melt in your mouth powdered sugar cookie is one of our
sweet time signature items, along with our 
decadent fudgy brownie and 
naturally gluten free chocolate almond toffee.

We offer many sweet options for your corporate gift giving, business or personal events or just a nice treat for you and your family! 

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